Waje - Coco Baby ft. Diamond Platnumz.

Waje - Coco Baby ft. Diamond Platnumz

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    DIamond platnumz - 2016/02/07 16:33:07

    Nice brother

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    ²dkdiffo - 2015/07/04 11:03:55

    tres joli morceau a écouter

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    Rose Moshi - 2015/03/04 09:38:13

    i love this song. makes me wanna dance all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mercie95 - 2015/01/11 19:29:04

    coco babes

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    mqenya - 2014/12/20 03:37:28


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    mqenya - 2014/12/20 03:36:47


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    Diamond Tia - 2014/12/07 19:52:02

    Cocooo bebyyy

  • pikabob photo avatar
    DIDAMI - 2014/12/03 03:19:38

    beautiful song

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    user54252094 - 2014/11/25 17:52:53

    Waje baby... nice work me lady



Waje makes an exciting foray into new waters with a fresh hot collaboration with Tanzanian superstar Diamond. Produced by E.Kelly, Coco Baby is an eclectic blend of Afro pop and Bongo flava with an active mix of instrumentals that sound both traditional and synthesized. ”Cocobaby is the jam for the holidays, call it my own contribution to a coming season of love and cheer’’ Waje wil be hosting a live #AskWaje chat after her official video release of Coco Baby. 12 :00 pm Wednesday November 26th. Check on it! Twitter:@officialwaje Instagram: @officialwaje Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialWAJE Google+:www.glusid.com/wajemuzik


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