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Hi, My name is Makeida. I’m a talented (if I do say so myself :p) singer, songwriter from London town UK. Music is my heart but God is my heartbeat. I'm super versatile and I'd like to think that I use my voice in many different ways and not just one. I'm one of the most popular singers and females in the UK (sorry to toote my own horn, but someones got to do it hehe :D). I'm a working singer and artist. This is what I do full time. I've opened for so many people... to many to name. So moving on swiftly..... I am Greek (my mum) and Nigerian (my dad). I am very creative, edgy, and elegant (more tooting of my own horn sorry... hehe) - It's a Libra thing. Oh yes, I am Libran. If you couldn't tell already. I am completely focused, passionate, committed and dedicated to everything I do. I have one dream and will stop at nothing to achieve this. I am 26 but between me and you, I am forever 21. PEACE! Love from MAKEIDA XXX Makeida = Singer, Songwriter, Business Women, and Model. - A SUPERSTAR in the making!


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