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My relationship with the music comes from my earliest years, when my mother, learning how to play guitar, used to play and sang for me and my brothers. She, after several sessions, gave up playing guitar, leaving me, as an inheritance: her guitar and the love for music. When I was 8 I started a relationship with an instrument, the guitar, which I didn’t knew, I would live all my life with it! Later passing to my children, only one out of the three, the oldest, Maurilio, followed me playing. Recently my grandson Vinicius was presented by me, with a guitar and is learning to play with a tutor. As my career went in other directions than music - engineering, political science, psychoanalisys and management, music has always been like an afterthought, fit only for leisure time with family. When I finished my master's degree in political science decided to put music on my schedule, I started to study a beautiful instrument, the harp (harmonica), with the great master of Jeovah da Gaita, who guided me in learning this instrument for two years. The clarinet was another instrument that I studied, only a few months and gave up. It was the guitar that prevails, especially at family gatherings because we always sang the "classics" of MPB Brazilian Popular Music Recently, at age 56, decided to make a wish I stopped in my teens: study music at the conservatory. WHAT WE WILL POST HERE? Well, overcoming certain resistances inhibitors, decided to record the songs I play, for some time, along with Maurilio, my son in this blog to fulfill its mission: “Be a space to be written, audio and video as an expression of what was experienced by me”. Let the music off would be an inconsistency, even though this is an amateur musician. ****


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